VTK JobFair 2018 - March 7th

What does ACA stand for? Well, ACA IT-Solutions stands for customized IT services and solutions and maximizing customer value! In our 3 offices across Belgium (Hasselt, Olen and Ghent), more than 130 employees work hard and have fun to develop software applications that automize and integrate the business processes of our clients.

Further, ACA is structured as a podular organization, which means that the various business units (or pods) are responsible for their own projects. They are allowed to make independent decisions and they are able to anticipate quickly to the needs of customers through our agile methodology. As a result, we have teams specialized in Java software, content and document management, mobile applications, outsourcing & consultancy, Cloud servers and Atlassian products.

In general, our customers are important players in the financial market and the private and public sectors: e.g. Isabel, Deutsche Bank, VAB Fleet Services, Val-I-Pac, Idewe, Flemish government, UZ Brussel, Jessa hospital, Digipolis,...