VTK JobFair 2018 - March 7th

** Process & Product Development Engineers @ Beaulieu International Group**

Creating the future together - join our BIG family!

*Company description: * Beaulieu International Group (BIG) is a renowned international group with headquarters in Waregem, Belgium. This industrial group currently holds a solid market position, both in producing raw materials and intermediate goods, and in offering an extensive range of perfectly finished floor coverings.

BIG is composed of three business units. ‘Flooring Solutions’ is the European leader in wall-to-wall floor coverings (carpet, needle felt, artificial grass, cushion vinyl, vinyl planks, laminate, parquet & wall panels). A second business unit, ‘Granules’, produces polypropylene granules for numerous applications. Finally, the third business unit, ‘Engineered Products’, houses the ‘Fibres’, ‘Yarns’, ‘Technical Textiles’ and ‘Technical Sheets’ divisions.

Beaulieu International Group has 4,519 employees spread over 39 locations in 14 countries. In 2016, the Beaulieu International Group´s turnover amounted to €1.7 billion. B.I.G. has invested €500 million during the last 5 years.

Beaulieu International Group’s** entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ambitions **make it a model of diversity and evolution within the sector. This enables the creation of sustainable added value for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the society in which it operates.

Within this international context, we wish to guarantee the continuous technological progress **of B.I.G. and strive for **Innovation Excellence, both in the field of product development as in our production processes and new business models. Therefore, we are looking for a number of young, ambitious engineers (m/f) who enthusiastically wish to step into our RED (Research Engineering Development) program and help us to innovate.


As member of our RED-team (Research, Engineering, Development) you will be participating in ambitious process- and product development projects.

In this position, you will be responsible for:

  • Mapping and analyzing the production processes by examining the production parameters with the input of various departments
  • Developing methods to improve and optimize the quality and output
  • Testing improvement proposals cost-effectively and efficiently, evaluating them and coordinating their implementation in production if tested positively
  • Assuring that our quality procedures are being implemented and watching over the content of ISO-procedures, instructions and documents within your department
  • Contributing to develop new products in close collaboration with the business and the RED-team.

You will report to the Senior Innovation Project and Portfolio Manager.

Apart from these operational challenges, you will be part of a RED-team with other young process & product development engineers with whom you will participate in the ‘Competency Development Program’. At BIG we systematically develop the skills and competences of our engineers through a well-defined career path. Our training and coaching program aims to develop both your **hard skills **(improving technological competences in order to create experts, project management skills as well as tools, rules and analysis methodologies for professional approaches) and your **soft skills **(such as management and leadership competences).


You have recently graduated or are about to graduate as MsC in** Chemical, Materials or Textile Engineering; Electromechanical Engineering; Physics; Computer Science, IT or Automation**. You are greatly interested in the techniques of a production environment and in Innovation Excellence. You have a dynamic personality, are result-driven and systematically want to optimize and create novelties. International mobility is required.


We offer you an attractive salary package **for a **challenging job **in an **international environment. Your passion for technique and innovation will be further developed. You will immediately come into action and will get opportunities to pick up new technical as well as personal competences in team on a structural basis, through our ‘Competency Development Program’.

INTERESTED? Please send your CV to jobfair@bintg.com