VTK JobFair 2018 - March 7th

ENGIBEX is a Belgian technical consulting company in High-Tech and Engineering. We are looking for talented engineers who think as an engineer but act as an entrepreneur to join the ENGIBEX team. All of our engineers are working on long-term R&D projects. We focus on long- term projects with a minimum duration of 2 years on which our engineers can work from the beginning until the end. All of our projects are focused on R&D with customers in three main industries:

  • Transport, our biggest domain with customers in automotive, defense, aerospace and railway.
  • Consumer lifestyle: R&D projects related to embedded software, electronics, audio- and acoustics engineering
  • Energy and environment: mainly mechanical and process engineering opportunities

Briefly summarized ENGIBEX offers the stability of working for one employer who takes care of your career development and training but on the other hand gives you the opportunity to gain experience on different R&D projects, in different industries.