VTK JobFair 2018 - March 7th

Research Centre for the Manufacturing Industry. We execute Industry Driven Research in Leuven and Lommel (Belgium) in the technological domains of:


Headcount: ca. 120 FTE

Our mission is to strengthen the long-term international competitiveness of the Flemish manufacturing industry. That’s why we work together with SMEs and large companies on pre-competitive, industry-driven technological research,

resulting in concrete product and production innovation in the vehicle industry, the manufacturing industry, and production environments.

Because of our unique position between industry and research, our teams combine application and system proficiency with technological and scientific knowledge.

We focus on 4 key competences, all based on modelling and virtualization: 1. Sensing, monitoring, control and decision-making for products and production 2. (Co)design and optimization of products and production 3. Motion product specification, architecture, and validation 4. Flexible assembly specification, architecture, and validation

We have opportunities for research engineers who like control, modelling, sensing, and actuation  from concept to application and lab testing  on smart machines and robots, autonomous and green vehicles  or on production systems and machine assembly.

We operate from our offices in Leuven and Lommel and from research facilities at the Flemish universities. Learn more about working at Flanders Make on www.flandersmake.be/jobs

Working at Flanders make means… 1. A challenging job – Work in your domain on new ideas and new technologies. 2. An open culture – Open communication and respect for work-life balance. 3. Bridging research to industrial applications – Take time for content. Get feedback from companies. 4. Varied work - Broad range of activities, companies, applications, domains,… 5. Project teams - Interacting with experts is a free school.

Want to know more about what we do? Watch our video! http://www.flandersmake.be/en/about-us