VTK JobFair 2018 - March 7th

Fourcast is an innovative company focussed on Google Products and Services. We have a hard working but fun company culture that is customer focused.

We are looking for someone with fast growth aspirations wanting to do projects at big corporates, work out new ideas and help companies build a culture of innovation. While every project is different, they are all focused around one vision and extended on one platform:

“We want to give people within companies the freedom to get their work done, faster, from anywhere, and any device through the use of Google for Work solutions”

As a Google Cloud Platform Engineer, your mission consists of transforming the way companies work by building solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. The Cloud, with emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Big Data, has evolved from concept to a trend and is becoming a must for many companies out there. We strongly believe that the Google Cloud Platform is the best option available.

If you are willing to work in a dynamic environment, make a difference in Belgian’s top companies and are a good team player, you should continue reading to see what we have to offer.