VTK JobFair 2018 - March 7th

GIG, the leader in edge computing, is building a private, neutral and green Internet. GIG is a European software company that enables the digital transformation at the most disruptive price.

We run your data and applications local to you, using proven technologies, respecting your privacy and the environment. Privacy is a human right. Your data should be stored local to you.

GIG deploys its edge computing cloud across Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East with established GIG ventures in these regions. We are a high-growth company with 100+ talented people.

We take technology to the edge of its possibilities empowering people to take back their identity and privacy, while businesses and governments can safely begin their digital transformation.

GIG disrupts and is driven by innovation and performance. We deliver the most cost-effective local cloud capacity - where and when you need it. Local to you, affordable for all. Empowering you.

We believe in the democratization of the Internet, putting the privacy of the user first and helping people and businesses with a secure and neutral platform, driven by distributed capacity, blockchain technology and mobile applications to drive growth, commerce and prosperity in a digital economy.

GIG is hiring the most skilled engineers in the world. Do you want to become part of our movement, feel free to get in touch with us !