VTK JobFair 2018 - March 7th

Some of this information will be used to print your own personalised business cards to hand out to the companies, so make sure to fill it in correctly.

General info


Please enter the major of your master here. e.g. "Integrated Circuits" if your master is Electrical Engineering: Integrated Circuits.


On the jobfair we offer you a lunch. Please choose what you want to eat.

You can win a DJI Phantom Drone or Werchter Combitickets when visiting our jobfair. To win you have to answer the following questions.
Prize Question: How many students will register for VTK Jobfair before Wednesday 22 February 2017 23:59?

Tiebreaker: How many representatives of companies will be present during the jobfair? (1 company is usually represented by multiple representatives)