VTK JobFair 2022 - March 10th

Welcome to the VTK Jobfair Platform

This online environment provides you practical information and an overview of the participating companies. The 2022 edition of the VTK Jobfair will take place on Thursday the 10th of March 2022.

Physical or virtual?
We are currently looking at a physical version of the Jobfair. But if the measures do not allow this, we will smoothly switch to a virtual edition.

If the Jobfair takes place physically, this is the timetable we focus on: 07:00 - 10:00 Companies are welcomed. 10:00 Official opening of the Jobfair for the students 12:00 Start of lunch 14:30 End of lunch 16:30 Start network reception in foyer: enjoy some drinks, bites, live music and informal chats! 17:00 VTK Jobfair comes to an end, companies start clearing their booth 19:00 End of network reception

Start-up corner
Just like last year, some start-ups will present themselves in the Start-up Corner. Make sure to visit them during your visit at the fair!

Company Guide
Prepare your visit at the VTK Jobfair by consulting the of this years edition! You can find it here a few weeks before the Jobfair

Shuttle buses
We provide shuttle buses to make your transport to the Brabanthal as comfortable as possible. Join our shuttles at the C300 parking in Heverlee or at the corner of the Margarethaplein and the F. Smoldersplein in the city centre of Leuven.