VTK JobFair 2019 - March 1st

Schedule Jobfair

Friday the 1st of March
07:00 Companies are being welcomed at Brabanthal Leuven and can start constructing their booth
10:00 Official opening of VTK Jobfair for students
12:00 Start of lunch
14:30 End of lunch
16:30 Start of network reception in foyer: enjoy some drinks, bites, live music and informal chats!
17:00 VTK Jobfair comes to an end, companies start breaking up their booth
19:00 Network reception comes to an end

Interview Days

The Interview Days take place in the week of 18 to 22 March and in the week of 23 to 26 April. They offer the opportunity to companies to come to Leuven and interview the students they are interested in on our campus. Students save time because they do not need to make a trip and companies are able to take multiple interviews one after another. Regristrations will be open soon! Most companies participating at the Interview Days, are also attending the Jobfair. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to them and tell them that you're interested in an interview with them.