VTK JobFair 2019 - March 1st

AKKA Belgium, an engineering consultancy company, is the Belgian subsidiary of the AKKA Group. The AKKA Group has about 16.300 employees and is based in more than 25 countries. With more than 900 experts operating in Belgium, AKKA Belgium is today the n°1 on the Belgian industrial engineering consulting market. For the last 30 years, we have supported the major players on the industrial market in all stages of their projects. Thanks to our presence in different fast-evolving sectors such as aerospace, railway, defense, automotive, life sciences, energy and high-tech, we have gained an enormous expertise that we can offer, cross-sector, to our clients. This is how we help build the world of tomorrow! With our extensive Career Road Map, we offer our employees a clear view of possible evolutions and opportunities in their career and we offer them all the tools they need to develop themselves and make their career blossom. Whether you are a junior, experienced or expert engineer, we are able to present motivating projects on track with your career ambitions!

Explanations of the process of recruitment.

When we have an interesting CV, a recruiter will do a phone-screening. If positive, the candidate will have an interview. A business manager can join this conversation to explain some (re)current and/or future projects. It is possible that a second interview will follow with more business managers and/or a technical test. If we have a project, we will present the candidate. If positive, the candidate will meet the client and will receive additional information. When all parties agree, the candidate can start on project. In some cases, we can hire a candidate without a project.