VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

Artes Group builds challenging construction works and works at unique construction sites. We are a strong player in all fields: civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, buildings and restoration. There’s no project too difficult and our Constructive People always go for it. This makes Artes Group the ideal partner for developing and building sustainable works of art. Our several sister companies (Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers, Artes TWT, Artes Woudenberg, CAAAP and Van Maele) are spread throughout Belgium. Thanks to this strong presence, we easily exchange knowledge, experience, personnel and equipment. This offers a great added value for our stakeholders. Artes Group’s expertise goes much further. Our specialisation in project development is expressed in Artes Projects and CAAAP, a subsidiary team of dedicated developers. Artes Prefab takes care of the internal production of prefab concrete and Van Maele is the youngest member of our family. The installation company specialises in sanitary and HVAC equipment and thus completes the Artes Group.

Moreover, Artes Group is an experienced project developer. In February 2013, the Artes Group added, in addition to Artes Projects, a new asset to this specialisation: CAAAP.

The last company under Artes Group to be mentioned is Artes Prefab. This player takes care of the internal production and expertise for prefab concrete, rounding out the Artes Group.