VTK JobFair 2019 - March 1st

Audi Brussels is a production site located at the heart of Europe and part of the Audi Group. We started to produce the A1 in 2010, since then exactly 909.164 A1's have left the factory. We are extremely proud that from 2018 on we are producing not only the Audi e-tron, the first fully electric vehicle within the Audi Group, but also its battery. To welcome this new model, our factory and our 2,800 employees have renewed themselves. Trainings, new production lines and sharing of expertise: we did everything to get ready for the future! And here we are: People-oriented. Professional. Innovative. More than ever.

Audi Brussels offers an extensive range of challenges for engineers. The various production departments have different robots and (semi-)automated installations that must be efficiently managed. This, along with the fact that we, at Audi, want to continually improve in what we do means that, as an engineer, you will always get varied and innovative tasks.

In concrete terms, this means providing technical advice in diverse areas, improving installations, optimising production processes, developing production methods (division of tasks, workplace design) and monitoring projects from A-to-Z.

Both at our Pre-Series Centre, where test models are built, and in the Quality Department, the focus is on analysing, developing and monitoring procedures for dynamic and static quality tests.