VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

For over 10 years BDO Digital supports its customers with their (complex) digital transformation. The focus is on the conceptual and strategical development, IT strategy – sourcing - enterprise solutions - emerging technologies - system integration-analytics & information management. They as well implement new technologies as accompany the employees concerned. Customers are active in various business segments: finance - transportation & logistics – society & government – manufacturing & services – energy & utilities. In order to design, implement and drive their customers’ organisational challenges and digital transformation BDO Digital uses its competences in the areas of Project & Portfolio, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Operations & IT and Digital Society. BDO Digital has been founded in 2007 and makes part of BDO Belgium since 2018. BDO is part of an international network comprising > 75.000 Partners and employees and is active in over 160 countries.