VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

Hi, we're bluecrux. Pleased to meet you!

Bluecrux has been helping customers link corporate strategy, technology and employees since 2011. Today, bluecrux is a team of 80 talented and passionate business experts who all share one strong belief: that supply chain & operations are drivers of sustainable growth. We have offices in Aalst, Mechelen and New Jersey.

Our always-on drive, ambition and desire to co-create with our customers already resulted in innovative products like Binocs and #lightsoutplanning.

We’re working for global companies like Johnson & Johnson, Bridgestone, Tereos, Cargill, Pfizer, Bekaert, Toyota, Kingfisher and many more - across several business domains: planning, digital operations, distribution, customer, workforce & transformation.

**Our colourful tribe? **


We believe in personal commitment, customer focus and simply ‘go for it’. And we grow fast, so we want to keep the wheel turning. So, we’re constantly looking for talented & motivated people to reinforce our tribe.

What are we looking for?

Unique individuals from different backgrounds and with different expertise, who can each add their value by contributing to our common goal: embrace change and help companies deliver transformation.

Are you ready to add your flavour to our tribe?

Here are 5 reasons to choose bluecrux:

  • You won’t be one in many, evolving both in a personal & professional way, as from day one.
  • You’re going to love AND live our values
  • You’ll work with (not ‘for’) a various range of multinational customers, generating significant impact
  • You’ll have room for creativity & intrapreneurship – within a supportive & open environment
  • You’ll be surrounded by a group of enthusiasts, learning from and having fun with each other