VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

Circular Matters brings biobased materials to the market that have a positive impact on people and environment. The novel material is made from by-products from agriculture and green maintenance, and has the potential to replace synthetic resins and fossil-based plastics in certain applications. A new kind of wood, let’s say, that is durable and strong, but 3D mouldable and without the need for trees. At this moment, we are developing the material itself, and production processes to mould it into 3D objects.

The company won the Bizidee award 2019, a prize for the startup with the most promising business plan of the year. Next to that, multiple grants (both European and Flemish) have been approved. That’s why we are looking for ambitious talents to join our team. As early believer, you will have the opportunity to create a tremendous impact (within the company, and for society), you will see direct results of your wins and fails, you will learns, invent, have fun and grow together with the company.