VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

Hi there! Happy to see that you are interested in Comate.

What we do? Comate connects engineering and design. Technical expertise and quality, with an eye for detail and design. With our dynamic team of engineers and designers, we develop novel products and machinery with our clients. We turn their ideas into products and give their ideas the best chance to succeed. We make the difference by providing an all-encompassing service and follow-up: from the initial sketch up until the first production.

Care to help us tackle the challenges that really matter? To think, build, test? Drop by our booth at the VTK jobfair or send us an email via jobs@comate.be and be the gifted engineer that joins our team.

https://www.comate.be - jobs@comate.be - +32 16 67 02 30