VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

Over the last ten years Denys has evolved into an international group with more than 2500 employees. Denys strives for organic growth. Our growth model is based on three pillars: diversification, innovation and export.

We don’t innovate in one specialism, but as a total business in several disciplines: water, energy, mobility, refurbishment, civil engineering, special techniques and other specialised building techniques. In each of those complementary areas of expertise we have confirmed our position as a niche player and shown ourselves to be a global reference with high added value. Together all these disciplines form a total business, the Denys Group, a preferred partner for the most complex building projects and infrastructure work. Our well-considered decision to diversify was without a doubt the primary motor for our growth.

Today we have a firm foothold in Europe, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. We are busy exploring markets such as Asia, Central and South America and Canada.

But the biggest success factor behind our growth is the enthusiasm and creativity of our personnel. At Denys we love a challenge; it’s in our blood. Tell us your dream, and we’ll send you a team of enthusiastic engineers to make it come true. We don’t deliver demoralising explanations about technical restrictions, budget consequences and planning problems. If you can dream it, we can do it. We'd be proud to show you a selection of these dreams.

Welcome to Denys.