VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

Everything happens somewhere. That is why location information helps to predict, make better decisions and work faster. At GIM you can count on everything that has to do with location: smart geo data, powerful software and tons of expertise. From our offices in Leuven and Gembloux, GIM geoscientists serve governments, companies, research centers and NGOs in search of enlightening location insights.

Offering perfect parking routes in large cities, calculating the solar potential of all Flemish roofs or guaranteeing efficient information exchange during major infrastructure works: the GIM geo applications are indispensable for the development of viable cities and the infrastructure of tomorrow.

We are looking for candidates with the typical GIM spirit: motivation, passion for your work, openness, eagerness, a positive attitude, customer focus, flexibility and team spirit. If you recognize yourself in this list, we definitely have the perfect challenge for you. Do you want to be part of our team of more than 70 experts? Come and have a chat with us.