VTK JobFair 2019 - March 1st


We provide sustainable consulting services and smart greentech solutions to organisations caring about their future and willing to remain competitive. We constantly position our consultants and clients’ needs at the heart of our business while actively looking for the latest innovations and trends in sustainability.

Internal Training

In order to help our consultants grow, we organize Impact Sessions with the Greenfish family to foster sharings between consultants from every sectors and career levels. Thanks to our Greenfish Academy you will also be challenged on your soft & hard skills development.

Positions given to young engineers

From the beginning, the young potentials will be involved in Greenfish activities and detached on projects in line with their affinities and expectations. The goal is to strengthen their favourite skills to allow them to pursue the career they want.

A word to young potentials

Greenfish would be pleased to meet you during its Greenfish Young Potentials Program days. It will be a unique occasion for us to show you our values and mission and for you to demonstrate us your high potential.