VTK JobFair 2019 - March 1st

Indaver, leading the field in sustainable waste management.

Indaver plays a key role in the realisation of the circular economy because we understand that waste is a rich resource. We manage and treat industrial and household waste in specialist facilities for a varied client base throughout Europe. We create value from waste through the recovery of high-grade materials and sustainable energy. We work hard for the safe, low-carbon and energy-efficient closure of materials loops. Indaver focuses on constant innovation, developing new and original sustainable waste management solutions for our clients. The result? Our passion for innovation leads to intelligent solutions, which in turn has placed Indaver in the vanguard of change as a key European player in sustainable waste management.

At Indaver, we know that our people are the reason for our wide-ranging success. So we invest carefully in the ongoing development of each and every one of our employees. We also place great emphasis on achieving a healthy work/life balance, which is so important in helping our team to achieve their professional and personal goals. We strive to create a productive and fulfilling work environment for all staff members. Every year, engineers with different backgrounds start their career at Indaver in a diverse range of positions.