VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

An employer you really want to work for! Not only is Realdolmen a no-nonsense, solid, stable and experienced company with great in-house knowledge and expertise, but we also put our employees first: every individual receives the attention they need. ‘Heart for People’ is more than just words for us – it’s one of our very core values. Satellite offices, extensive training opportunities, work-life balance, competence reviews and career opportunities: these are no empty promises for us. Our organization attaches great importance to diversity. We guarantee an objective selection process, whereby candidates are tested and selected solely on the basis of their qualities and skills.

With us it’s all about you! Are you a Bachelor’s or Master’s student about to graduate? If so, Realdolmen, a Gfi group company has good news for you! We are looking for young, motivated consultants to join our teams. During a three month qualitative training period, we will help you transition from the academic world to the business world. The Realdolmen acADDemICT Track is a unique program for young graduates. The term acADDemICT refers to young graduates with a strong passion for ICT who are interested in lifelong learning. Every year, Realdolmen invests in a number of students which are full of potential. These students are guided by experienced colleagues, who coach them at the start of their career as a professional ICT Consultant.

Do you see yourself in a consulting role? Did I hear YES?! Check out our acADDemICT Tracks on jobs.realdolmen.com!

Interested in our program or other question? Contact us at: [email protected]