VTK JobFair 2019 - March 1st

Rombit creates the smart port city. By connecting workers, infrastructure and processes, it transforms the operations of ports and cities to become more digital, efficient, automated, secure and safe.

The Internet of Things company has two teams (cities & ports) providing top-notch software & hardware to provide its customers with tailored proof of concepts and end-to-end solutions. Scalable projects, such as the "Romware Worker Wearable" (www.romware.io) are productized by a separate venturing team.

Rombit is based in the vibrant city centre of Antwerp. Its scale-up vibe and its knack for solving difficult problems have made the company popular among technology experts: Rombit has grown to more than 60 employees in just over six years.

Rombit is continuously hiring pioneers, offering them exciting IoT projects, ambitious colleagues and frequent knowledge sharing sessions.