VTK JobFair 2019 - March 1st

Sioux is an innovative technology partner in Flanders with more than 45 enthusiastic engineers in the field of technical software development, with offices in Leuven, Herentals and Ghent. Sioux strengthens leading high-tech companies in Flanders in developing their products. You work at customer location in an R&D team on challenging projects where technical software development is central.

Working at Sioux means working with smart and nice colleagues every day to build high-tech software solutions that make the difference. As a software talent you work with us on the development of complex products, often on the edge of technological possibilities. Sioux offers you a lot of freedom and responsibility to carry out your work in your own way.
It is important for Sioux that the knowledge of our employees remains up-to-date, for which a broad personal development budget and coaching is available. This way you can yourself give direction to your future. For more information, visit the Sioux job openings in the Leuven region on https://jobs.sioux.eu/contact/sioux-embedded-systems-in-belgië/ or follow us on facebook: Sioux-Embedded-Systems België