VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

At ThinkNexT, you’ll arrive in a high-tech and no-nonsense company with room for initiative and personal growth. 

As a team member you can count on a varied job with lots of responsibilities. The type of projects is very diverse - on Monday you can co-program, on Tuesday there is a high priority issue at a customer and it is your responsibility to fix it E2E. On Wednesday, after the high priority fix, it is time for our monthly teammeeting. Thursday we start a new sprint and to finish the week on Friday we organise a brainstorm about a new feature for Orion. Our clients are offered high quality and one-single-point-of-contact. We want to make sure our client has no worries about his project and can remain focussing on his own core business. High quality, long term relationships are our goals. We are active in several industries, mainly in Belgium. Business to business but we also work for governments. The strength lies within the fact that we can offer all disciplines in one team. Want to learn more about ThinkNexT and your future team? Visit our website thinknext.be.