VTK JobFair 2020 - March 11th

Contributing to a sustainable society

As an engineering and consultancy firm, we advise and help clients all over the world in resolving today’s complex challenges. With a network of 21 offices in 11 countries and some 1,100 engineers and consultants, we work on improving the human environment for everyone, today and for future generations. Together with our stakeholders, we contribute to social, ecological and economic progress, with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations serving as an inspirational guideline.

Every year, we complete some 3,000 projects in the fields of infrastructure, water, the environment and construction. In these projects, our aim is to maximise value creation. That means sustainable solutions for society, maximum value for clients, and opportunities for talent development for our employees.

Working on the future together Engineering is a wonderful tool for solving the global challenges of today and tomorrow. We translate the challenges into issues that need to be addressed. If you work for us, you can help to bring about a better human environment and at the same time fulfil your ambitions. We are proud of the dedication and commitment of our employees to a sustainable future and we support them in developing their personal talents. Do you want to make a difference? Take the first step now by sending us your job application!